The Humans Behind

We are passionate about building the AI platform that empowers people to realize their full potential.


Olcan Sercinoglu

Founder, CEO

Tawny Darling

Operations Manager

Ajay Bhoj

Lead Systems Engineer

Huan-Kai Peng

Head of Inference & Engineering

Joey Robinson

Lead Inference Engineer

Pavel Zheltov

Inference Engineer

Yanpu Wu

Inference Frontend Engineer

Walter Vannini

Inference Engineer

Vijay Viswanathan

Inference Engineer

Po-Hsun Chen

Inference Operations Engineer

Yuval Scharf

Inference Systems Engineer

Steve Mask

Inference Frontend Engineer

Yufeng Wang

Product Designer

Monica Knoblaugh

Culture Manager

Dylan Steeg

Head of Commercialization

Olha Prokopiuk

Inference Mobile Engineer

Victor Chen

Inference Engineer

Ainslie Mayberry

Chief Financial Officer

Vidya Rangasayee

Engineering Manager


Human Inference Engineer


Human Inference Engineer Intern


Michael Jordan

Professor, UC Berkeley

Vinod Khosla

Founder, Khosla Ventures

George John

Partner, Khosla Ventures

David Wallerstein

CXO, SEVP, Tencent